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As markets become increasingly intertwined on a global scale, the financial world is shifting in fundamental ways. This poses challenges for both academics and practitioners. We work to form a deep understanding of the changing climate through relevant coursework and groundbreaking research, which gives our students a competitive edge in today’s financial environment.

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Current Areas of Research

  • Financial econometrics
  • International capital markets and corporate finance
  • Informational imperfections in capital markets and corporate financial policy, including dividend policy, capital structure theory, the capital acquisition process, corporate restructuring, and entrepreneurial finance
  • Portfolio management and asset pricing
  • Theory of financial intermediation and analysis of financial services
  • Valuation of derivative securities and the expansion of derivative securities markets

Finance Faculty

Profile image for Barry Branch, Sr.
Barry Branch, Sr.
  • Professorship
  • Professor of the Practice
Profile image for Sudheer Chava
Sudheer Chava
  • Area Coordinator
  • Professor
  • Chairholder
Profile image for Jonathan Clarke
Jonathan Clarke
  • Associate Professor
  • Senior Associate Dean
Profile image for Andras Danis
Andras Danis
  • Associate Professor
Profile image for Jacqueline Garner
Jacqueline Garner
  • Senior Lecturer
Profile image for Manasa Gopal
Manasa Gopal
  • Assistant Professor
Profile image for Alex Hsu
Alex Hsu
  • Associate Professor
Profile image for Narayanan Jayaraman
Narayanan Jayaraman
  • Professor
  • Professorship
Profile image for Gary Jones
Gary Jones
  • Professor of the Practice
Profile image for Suzanne Lee
Suzanne Lee
  • Associate Professor
  • PhD Coordinator
Profile image for Manpreet Singh
Manpreet Singh
  • Assistant Professor
Profile image for Daniel Weagley
Daniel Weagley
  • Assistant Professor